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Implement systems that encourages engagement

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to implement systems that encourage and enable the engagement of others to contribute to reviews of procedures.

Procedures should be regularly reviewed as part of a robust quality assurance process and you will benefit from the perspectives of everyone that is affected by them. This can include individuals that the procedures affect directly, such as service users and the families/carers as well as those that implement procedures, such as team members.

By getting a range of views, you can obtain insights about where they are working well and areas that could be improved.

Systems that you may implement to encourage and enable the engagement of team members include supervision, appraisal, team meetings and formal training. You may also wish to distribute anonymised staff survey forms so that team members can feel comfortable about sharing their views about existing procedures without fear of reprisal.

Questionnaires should also be distributed to service users on a regular basis to assess the quality of care and support that is being provided. Care plans should be reviewed regularly and your systems should encourage feedback from service users and their families. All processes should encourage individuals to be active participants in their care planning and delivery, rather than passive recipients.

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