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National and local guidance and agreed ways of working

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Learners explain current national and local guidance and agreed ways of working in respect of safeguarding in adult care services.

  • Role of the Court of Protection
  • National guidance
    • Dignity in care
    • Adult Social Care Outcomes Framework
    • Francis report
    • CQC Fundamental Standards
    • CQC Regulations
    • Nothing Ventured Noting Gained
    • Winterbourne View: Transforming Care
    • Domestic Violence and Abuse Guidance HMG
    • Care Certificate
    • Healthcare Professions Council – whistleblowing guidance
  • Importance of partnership working, showing an awareness of aspects such as:
    • Vulnerable Adults Risk Management
    • Multi-agency Safeguarding Huns (where operative)
    • Shared training opportunities
    • Safeguarding Adult Boards
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