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Ways of critically evaluating practice

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to critically evaluate your own leadership and management practice in respect of protecting children and young people.

It is important to reflect on all aspects of our role so that we are able to gain insights into how we can improve our practice.

As we have previously explored, it is the responsibility of everyone to protect and safeguard children and young people and although you may not work directly with children, you may have contact with them as part of your work.

Some of the things that you may consider when you self-reflect may include:

  • How do I keep myself up-to-date with national and local legislation and guidelines relating to child safety?
  • What would I do if a member of staff reported that they are concerned about a child’s safety?
  • How did I deal with a child safeguarding concern that was reported to me and would I make any changes to the actions I took if it happened again?

Assessment criteria

Learners should critically evaluate their leadership and management practice(s) in respect of protecting children and young people to include any future recommendations.

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