Demonstrate how to model to others best practice in promoting positive behaviour

Sometimes it is necessary to model best practice in promoting positive behaviour to other people so that they can learn from example. Modeling best practice can be directed towards clients, colleagues, families, friends, health and social care professionals and members of the public.


For example, a common occurrence in my role as support worker is when I am out shopping with an individual and the shopkeeper addresses myself instead of the individual that is making the purchase. When I am asked a question by the shopkeeper, I do not answer for the individual but instead repeat the question to them so that they can answer for themselves. Usually, after doing this once, the shopkeeper will continue by addressing the individual and not me.


Another recent example is when I supported an individual to go to the dentist – something that they were very anxious about. Upon entering the room with the dentist, I told the dentist that I was really proud of the individual for building up the courage to come here today. The dentist took the hint and also gave the individual lots of praise.