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Describe ways of helping individuals to make informed choices

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Supporting an individual to make their own informed choices about their lives is part of a person-centred approach that promotes dignity.

This can involve day-to-day choices such as what to wear and when and what to eat as well as wider choices about how their care and support are delivered.

Individuals must have relevant and accurate information to make their own decisions, which means understanding the risks and possible implications of their choices.

You can support individuals to make informed choices by providing them with as much information as you can and explaining the pros and cons to them. You could also arrange for them to talk with more experienced or specialised professionals or others that have had to make similar choices. They may need further support to make a decision perhaps from an independent advocate or family member.

Some individuals may not be able to understand or retain the information for long enough to make an informed decision, so a mental capacity assessment may be required.