A signpost with 3 signs pointing in different directions. The labels on the signs are 'Guidance', 'Assistance' and 'Support'.

Describe how to access guidance, information and advice about handling information

This page is designed to answer the following questions:

At times, it may be necessary to obtain further guidance, information and advice about handling information in a care setting.

There are several sources of information that you may consider using, including:

  • Legislation – such as the Data Protection Act describe what is required by law for the management of information
  • Manager – your manager will be able to advise you on what to do if you have any queries or concerns about handling information
  • Colleagues – your co-workers, especially senior members of staff, may be able to advise you on the best course of action if you are not sure
  • Agreed ways of working – your organisation’s policies and procedures will (hopefully) explain how you should be recording, storing and sharing information in your workplace
  • Training/induction – formal and/or informal training as well as the induction process (including completion of the Care Certificate) should provide a sound foundation on data handling
  • Own research – you may decide to conduct your own research at your local library or via the Internet