Identify circumstances and factors that tend to trigger stress in self and others

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Stress can be caused by several factors or circumstances. It is important that you have an awareness of some of the causes of stress so that you can identify the source and plan ways to manage it.

The effects of stress vary from person to person. Some people may get stressed easily, whilst others can cope with a lot of stress and even excel under it.

Some examples of circumstances that tend to trigger stress include:

  • having too large a workload
  • strained relationships with others (personal or working relationships)
  • major changes at home or at work
  • working with individuals that have difficult behaviours
  • tiredness
  • making mistakes

Example question and answer

Describe two examples of circumstances or situations that cause you to feel stressed.

I tend to feel stressed if I am overloaded with work (both personal and vocational) and can see no way of meeting my deadlines.

I also feel stressed if I have inadvertently upset my girlfriend or one of my children.