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Show How to Record Progress in Relation to Personal Development


This page is designed to answer the following questions:

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After you have worked with your manager to create your own Personal Development Plan (PDP), it is important to review it regularly to ensure you are on target and your progress is kept up to date.


This means keeping a log of any training or other learning that you have completed and keeping hold of any certificates you have been awarded.

This is important for several reasons.


Firstly, it will evidence that you are competent in particular areas. Many employers will ask for proof of your training and development at the interview stage, and without an accurate record, you will not be able to provide this.

It is also important for employers to have a log of learning and the specialist skills of their employees, not only from a practical point of view (e.g. sourcing a relief member of staff with epilepsy training to support an individual with epilepsy) but also for legislative and regulatory compliance.


Finally, we are all fallible and, given enough time, will probably forget some of our achievements. Keeping a record allows us to look back on our personal development and ensure we remember what we have learned. It is also nice to see how far we have come since starting work in the industry.

It is advisable to record your progress in your Personal Development Plan (PDP). You could use a table like the one below to do this.

ObjectiveMethodDue DateReviewsComments
Gain a nationally recognised qualification in careGovernment-funded Diploma in Health & Social Care Level 2July 2015Informal discussion with manager every monthIn progress
Learn life-saving first aidPractical first aid course at head office14th December 2014Discussion at next supervisionCourse went well, learned lots
etc. etc.

Your PDP and all certificates, witness statements and documents related to your learning and development should be stored together as part of your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record.

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