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Providing support to engage others in the decision making process

This page is designed to answer the following questions:

Learners critically evaluate situations in which others may need to be engaged in decision making

  • Team meetings
  • Staff supervision, staff appraisals
  • Care assessments and reviews
  • Partnership working
  • Carer/advocate and /or family meetings
  • Lessons learnt from the above in providing support and encouragement to others

Chairing team meetings gives team members the chance to meet and express their views as well as take ownership in any decisions made and feel valued. Action must be the result of the meeting, alongwith timescales and responsibilities. Should ensure everyone is able to participate. Access valuable knowledge and an exchange of ideas.

Staff supervision/appraisals allow praise in positive areas and opportunities to develop in areas that need improvement. Staff and manager can make collaboarativedecisions about their future career and development.

Care assessments should encourage collaboration with service user to provide person-centred care.

The individual’s representatives such as family or advocates should also be involved as well as partnership working with other professionals to provide specialist advice and reduce duplication.

Lessons learned: Empowering staff tomake their own decisions – for example, by asking them what they think they should do instead of telling them, can increease confidence and competence. Others are more likely to buy in to decisions if they are part of the process. Involving others can make the decision making process long.