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  7. Reviewing available information and make valid decisions

Reviewing available information and make valid decisions

This page is designed to answer the following questions:

Learners explain and reflect on how the above has enabled them to present a rationale and conclusions to justify their decisions to stakeholders in order to gain support from:

  • Internal stakeholders
  • External stakeholders


“The process leading to a decision should be transparent so that it can be confidently and clearly explained. It is vital to be able to describe the evidence drawn upon and the critical thinking that has led to the decision. This information should be able to be satisfactorily demonstrated to all stakeholders involved.”


Explain how information collected in the previous section has informed their decision making process and allowed them to be able to justify and be accountable for the decision.

Internal stakeholders – staff and managers, perhaps owner and shareholders

External stakeholders – clients, families, other professionals

Stakeholder is someone that the decision will affect (and may be someone who will be involved in process)

Using data to back up a decision makes it more likely that they will agree to it. Rtionale.