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Methods of using feedback from others and own reflective practice to increase self-awareness

This page is designed to answer the following questions:

NOTE: Although this page has been marked as complete, it has not yet been peer-reviewed or quality-assured, therefore it should be considered a ‘first draft‘ and any information should be fact-checked independently.

Learners critically evaluate the benefits of self-reflection to increase their own self­ awareness by:

  • Obtaining feedback on their performance and behaviours – including 360 degree feedback from colleagues, management performance reviews, self and organisational appraisals
  • Reflect on themselves modelling a healthy diet and exercise programme
  • Maintaining regular work breaks and time management strategies
  • Considering the benefits of coaching and mentoring support
  • Considering the benefits of alternative therapies and /or other support mechanisms
  • Considering their ability at time so to say ‘no’ to work demands