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Strategies for keeping aware of own stress levels and for maintaining wellbeing

This page is designed to answer the following questions:

NOTE: Although this page has been marked as complete, it has not yet been peer-reviewed or quality-assured, therefore it should be considered a ‘first draft‘ and any information should be fact-checked independently.

Learners evaluate the psychological and physiological effects of work-related stress to include at least four of the following:

  • The relationship between pressure, anxiety and stress
  • The causes of stress for them as leaders and managers, to include the emotional management pressures placed on them by individuals and events
  • Stress triggers in themselves
  • Signs and symptoms of stress in themselves
  • The relationship between stressful thoughts and behaviour
  • Effective coping strategies in the management of stress to include an analysis of their emotional resilience
  • Wellbeing and work life balance
  • A review of their current stress management strategies and work life balance