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Develop, implement and evaluate plans to ensure team members have appropriate training, development and support to promote person-centred practice


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Person-centred practice can only be achieved if team members are given the knowledge and resources to provide it. To ensure that team members have the appropriate training, development and support to promote person-centred practice, it is your responsibility as a manager to develop, implement and evaluate training plans in this area.


When planning training and development, you will need to consider the needs of the organisation, the needs of the service users and the resources that you have available. You will also need to make a realistic forecast of future needs and resources.

As well as the financial costs involved in providing training, you will also need to consider staffing and backfill requirements (e.g. when a member of staff is undergoing training, who will cover their shift?)


You will need to provide induction training for new starters (including the Care Certificate) as well as any other mandatory or specialised training that your organisation offers. As well as formal training, other learning activities will need to be considered including supervision, appraisal, coaching and mentoring.

Team members should know where they can go for support – this could be their manager or documented policies and procedures depending on the query or concern.


Training should be reviewed regularly to ensure it is meeting the needs of the staff. Staff surveys are one way to evaluate if it is working well.

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