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Manage others to work with individuals ensuring that they adapt their approaches to meet an individual’s changing needs

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to provide evidence of how you manage others to work with those in receipt of care and support, ensuring they adapt their approaches to meet the individual’s changing needs.

Throughout an individual’s life, their needs will change regularly. This could be as a result of an accident, such as a fall, but can also be due to changes in an individual’s personal views, aspirations or preferences. It is important that team members understand that service users have the right to change their minds whenever they wish.

As a manager, you must ensure that there are processes in place to encourage service users to voice their opinions and preferences and that their care plans are reviewed regularly. Although you may not be reviewing care plans yourself, you must ensure that team members understand the importance of person-centred and outcomes-based care, adhere to policies and procedures and adapt their approaches to meet the changing needs of each individual.

These principles will be embedded in each team member’s training and development, however, there must also be a support network available for times when team members have queries and concerns. Support could be obtained from their co-workers, manager, documentation or even coaches/mentors.

You will also need to monitor that systems and processes are being adhered to, which will form part of your quality assurance procedure. Satisfaction surveys and reviewing complaints could identify areas where team members may need additional support.

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