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Review and revise targets to meet objectives of work settings and individual objectives of supervisees

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We have previously discussed the need for the objectives of the supervisee to be aligned with the objectives of the organisation. For example, the organisation will require all new employees to undergo an induction program, which will include completing the Care Certificate and so an individual will have the objective to complete the induction program.

In addition, individuals will also have personal objectives that tie in with their interests and aspirations and can also benefit the organisation. For example, a healthcare assistant may wish to train to be a nurse.

A review of the supervises objectives should take place during each supervision session so that progress can be tracked and they can be revised if necessary. For example, if the supervisee is working towards their Level 5 Diploma, a look at how many units they have completed and how many are left to do within the set timescale would be a good measure of progress. If the supervisee is falling behind, the supervisor may provide them with additional support or time to work on the qualification. Similarly, if the supervisee is ahead of schedule, the timeline to completion may be revised. Also, when objectives have been completed, new objectives can be set.

Assessment criteria

Learners review and revise targets with the supervisee which:

  • Meet objectives of work setting
  • Meet the objectives of the individual
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