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Implement communication and recording systems

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to implement communication and recording systems that comply with current legislation for information sharing between agencies.

Communication and recording systems should be established at the outset when partners agree on shared ways of working. These systems should support shared objectives and ensure that everyone is able to participate and be involved.

Communication and participation should be encouraged and mutual respect should be given to all partners, with all ideas being valued and due consideration being given. Where there are communication issues, a problem-solving approach should be used to identify the underlying cause followed by collaboration to find a solution.

Information should flow freely between partners, providing it meets legislative requirements, such as those dictated by the Data Protection Act 2018 and General Data Protection Regulations. Confidentiality should always take precedence and consent will need to be obtained from service users for their information to be shared. When data is shared between stakeholders and is stored on different systems, care must be taken to ensure that all systems used are compliant with legislation.

Regular meetings should be scheduled with attendance from all partners to exchange information, discuss challenges and ways to overcome them and review current progress. This can help to ensure that the objectives remain focused on the benefits to the individual in receipt of services.

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