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Own role and responsibilities in establishing positive relationships within and beyond the organisation


This page is designed to answer the following questions:

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to evaluate your own role as a leader in adult care services to ensure that the service creates and maintains positive relationships with all those that come into contact with the service.


As a leader, you will need to be able to establish and maintain positive relationships with a wide range of other people. This can include service users, their families, other organisations and agencies and other health and care professionals.

Relationships based on mutual trust and respect can ensure a person-centred approach to care provision and contribute towards the achievement of positive outcomes for service users. They can also enhance the profile of your organisation and your own reputation within the community.


You may wish to look at any pre-existing partnerships that you have and think about how you ensure that they remain effective and ways that they could be improved. For example, you may have built strong ties with your local mental health team but have no formal protocols about how you share information or work together to deliver the best possible outcomes for service users. This is something you may consider developing in the future.

You may also wish to look at the way in which you collaborate with others. Do you always respect and value the views of others or do you sometimes favour the opinions of health professionals over service users and their families? Upon reflection, you may try to treat all stakeholders as equal partners going forward.



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