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Identify sexual health issues that differently affect men and women

There are several sexual health issues that only affect one gender or affect genders differently. It is important for individuals to understand the sexual issues that affect their own bodies but it is also important to understand the issues of the opposite gender.

Females experience the menstrual cycle each month and in later life will experience the menopause. Many contraceptives affect only a female’s body such as the pill, injection, diaphragm and implants whereas condoms fit on a male’s penis.


Males experience erections and can suffer from impotence and premature ejaculation. During puberty, many males will have wet dreams.

Both males and females will usually masturbate at some point in their lives, however the technique is different between genders. Likewise, both genders experience orgasms but the feeling is different for the different sexes.

Sex drive can peak and trough during the lives of both men and women although females are more likely to experience a much-reduced sex drive when they hit menopause.

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