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Explain how sexual health issues can be supported with plans for healthcare

Like all other facets of an individual’s health, sexual health should be assessed and planned. Information about sexual health should be readily available to individuals and it should be in a form that they can understand.

Support plans should be put in place to provide the necessary information. This should be done in alliance with other health and social care professionals such as doctors, psychologists and care workers.

The Department of Health provides a Health Action Plan for all individuals with learning disabilities. Two copies are made; one for the individual and the other for their GP. They can be obtained by asking a doctor or nurse and are filled in jointly by the individual and a health professional. As well as containing information about eating healthily and exercise there will also me information about sexual health as it pertains to the individual.

Plans can include doing research about sexual health, going to workshops or classes or obtaining information from a health professional.

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