Describe different ways an individual can express themselves sexually and how individual preferences can be supported

NOTE: Please be aware that the information on this page is a very rough draft and has not been fact-checked so should be used accordingly (taken with a pinch of salt)! However, it should (hopefully) give you some pointers and set you off in the right direction.

There are several ways that an individual can express themselves sexually. Of course, having sexual intercourse is the most obvious but other intimate actions such as kissing, hugging and stroking can also be methods of sexual expression. There is also the use of sex aids and legal pornogography, masturbation and the way an individual dresses (including their underwear) can be a form of sexual expression.

It is important for a support worker to be able to support an individual in their sexual expression and respect the choices that they make without judgement, whilst also providing guidance on what is lawful and socially acceptable. This could mean dealing with sensitive subjects and doing things that some people may find uncomfortable with (for example, supporting an individual to buy products from an adult store).