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1.2a How does your organisation encourage and respond to feedback from a range of partners?

Organisations in the health and social care sector should always strive for excellence and one of the best ways of achieving this is to ask for feedback from others. Historically, if organisations do ask for feedback, it tends to be from their customers. Whilst this can give a useful insight from the perspective of the clients, some companies are now requesting feedback from everyone that interacts with them; this includes clients, employees, managers, shareholders, other professionals, partners and client families. Known as 360-degree feedback, this can provide a lot of valuable information from all viewpoints.

The table below shows the Manager Induction Standards questions for question 1.2a along with example answers. Obviously answers will vary from organisation to organisation.

What systems are in place for receiving, analysing and acting on feedback from different partners? 3C’s form – Compliments, Comments and Complaints

Regular formal and informal discussions with all stakeholders

How do you value the contribution of people who access care and support, their carers and relatives? Contributions are always taken into account and acted on.

All 3C’s forms are thoroughly investigated by Senior Management

In what ways can they be encouraged to contribute even more? By asking them for feedback 
How is everyone in the organisation equally committed to the idea of participation? By knowing that all ideas and contributions will be taken seriously.

By being encouraged to take calculated risks

What can you do to ensure that other members of the team understand the key importance of involving people who access care and support, their carers and relatives?Regular coaching, supervision and training

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