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Describe the methods and approaches available to help an individual manage their behaviour

Study Notes

There are several methods and approaches available to help individuals manage their behaviour. Sometimes it may be necessary to try a number of methods to identify what works best for each unique individual.

Some examples include:

  • Discussion of possible consequences of behaviour whilst individual is at baseline
  • Risk perception – helping an individual assess risks realistically
  • Modelling – displaying appropriate behaviour in situations can help individuals learn (from example) how to manage those situations themselves
  • Be open and honest with indivduals
  • Encourage independence and choice
  • Use breathing techniques or meditation
  • Identify at the need (tangible, escape, attention, sensory) and teach individual more appropriate behaviours to fulfill that need
  • Help individual recognise early warning signs and triggers
  • CBT
  • Encourage use of prescribed medication (as per doctor’s instructions)
  • Support individual to set goals
  • Use praise when individual manages behaviour appropriately