Learn, Do Not Copy!

Work with an individual to identify and agree the factors which will motivate them to manage their behaviour

For an individual to successfully make adjustments to manage their behaviour, they must have the right motivation. They must have a good reason to make the necessary changes because changing habits is difficult so there must be some sort of incentive in them to put in the requisite effort.

Motivation will vary between individuals and the right motivation for a particular person will depend a lot on the things that are important to them or what makes them ‘tick’. You will need to discuss with the individual what they think will be the right incentive for them to encourage behavioural change.

It is also useful to ensure that the motivation is directly related to the behaviour change (e.g. if an individual washes themselves and their clothes regularly, they are more likely to get a girlfriend). There are times when it may be necessary to have an unrelated incentive (e.g. if an individual washes themselves and their clothes regularly they reward themselves with an extra chocolate bar each week), however for long-term success it is important that the motivation comes directly from the behaviour itself.

Some examples are:


Behaviour to manage betterMotivation
Telling liesPeople will be more likely to believe them in future
Assaulting othersWill not be detained under the MCA again
Damaging own propertyWill have more money to buy other things
Verbal abusePeople will be more likely to listen