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Describe types of support that an individual may need in order to use assistive technology


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In the previous section, we talked about the role of assistive technologies. For this assessment criterion, we will be looking at the support that an individual may need so that they are able to access and use assistive technologies.


Initially, individuals may not be aware that there are assistive technologies available to help them with their communication, so you may need to explain the options that they have available so that they are able to make an informed choice. This may also mean doing research and consulting with professionals on an individual’s behalf to find the best solutions.

When using assistive technology for the first time, individuals may require support to configure devices and learn how to use them to their maximum potential. You must acknowledge the limitations of your own role in this regard – in some cases, specialised training may be required for the individual and yourself, or specialist services may be required.


Following the initial configuration, you may need to continue to support individuals by reminding and encouraging them to use the technology (although you should still remember that it is their choice to use it or not).



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