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Develop and support innovation and creativity whilst planning team objectives and ensuring collective agreement

This page is designed to answer the following questions:

NOTE: Although this page has been marked as complete, it has not yet been peer-reviewed or quality-assured, therefore it should be considered a ‘first draft’ and any information should be fact-checked independently.

Previously, we looked at the importance of ensuring that all team members are included when agreeing to team objectives to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to express their views and feel motivated to achieve them.

For this assessment criterion, you will be required to demonstrate that you develop and support innovation and creativity whilst planning team objectives. You will also need to evidence that you have a collective agreement for these objectives.

You may do this by encouraging team members to come forward with any ideas they have to improve the service and collaborate together to make positive changes. If you create a team culture where innovation and creativity are valued, you will encourage team members to suggest ideas that could make a positive difference to organisational operations.

Even if an idea is flawed, you should take time to discuss the idea without ridicule or trivialisation and carefully explain why you do not think it will work. By discussing ideas as part of a team, you may gain insights that may not have otherwise have been discovered.

The use of team meeting minutes and supervision forms (redacted to preserve confidentiality) may be used as evidence that you promote creativity and innovation within your team and have obtained collective agreement to team objectives.