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Plan and lead the implementation of improvements

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For this assessment criterion, you will be required to demonstrate that you actively identify improvements that can be made to the way that your organisation operates and are able to plan and implement changes to systems and processes.

The ‘Service Improvement’ unit provides information about the importance of having a culture that embraces change and how change should be implemented.

It is essential to keep channels of communication open with those that will be involved in implementing changes. You should be able to justify the reasons for the changes to team members based on previous incidents or evidence-based research. You should also be on hand to address any concerns that they have. Additionally, you should request their input and value their responses so that they can feel involved in the process, rather than simply dictating what must be done.

By having team members ‘buy in’ to the changes that must be implemented, the process will be smoother and resistance will be small. As a manager, this helps you to achieve your goals more easily.

You should be able to give examples of times when you have planned and led the implementation of improvements within your own area of service.

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