Learn, Do Not Copy!

Demonstrate how to use a person-centred thinking tool in relation to own life to identify what is working and what is not working

This is an example of using the 4 Plus 1 Questions Tool in my own goal to stop smoking:

  1. What have you tried? Cutting down on the number of cigarettes I smoke and replacing some cigarettes with an NRT inhalator
  2. What have you learned? I do not need to smoke as many cigarettes as I do and nothing bad happens when I don’t smoke for a prolonged period of time.
  3. What are you pleased about? That I am beginning to genuinely believe that I can actually stop smoking
  4. What are you concerned about? That I continue to smoke some cigarettes even though I know that they are not useful or good for me.

What next? Continue to try and reduce the number of cigarettes I smoke with the aim of going a whole day without a cigarette next month.

From this exercise I have learned that my process of cutting down the number of cigarettes I smoke is working and giving me more self-confident that I could stop smoking completely, however it has not worked in allowing me to stop smoking yet.

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