Category: 246: Support person centred thinking and planning (LD 202)

LD202 NVQ Module

Support the individual in their relationships and in being part of their community using person-centred thinking

I use person-centred thinking to support individuals in their relationships and in being part of their community. I do this by ensuring that individuals are free to make their own choices, although I will offer advice when I deem it necessary. I encourage individuals to play an active role in their local communities by providing…

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Describe How Challenges in Implementing Person-Centred Thinking, Planning and Reviews Might be Overcome

To be successful in implementing person-centred thinking, planning and reviewing requires commitment, tenacity and the ability to ‘think outside the box’. At the heart of the process is the client that you are supporting and it is your responsibility to help them reach their goals and achieve their dreams, sometimes using innovative ideas to lead…

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Identify challenges that may be faced in implementing person-centred thinking, planning and reviews in own work

In my own work, a challenge that is often faced when implementing a person-centred approach is that a particular client regularly changes their mind and an idea that they love one day, they might hate the next. Another challenge that I have faced is a lethargic client that had absolutely no interest in personalising the…

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Outline current legislation, policy and guidance underpinning person-centred thinking and planning

Current legislation, policy and guidance underpinning person-centred thinking and planning includes: The governmental policy ‘Putting People First’ aims to transform social care so that it is person-centred The Department of Health’s white paper ‘Valuing People’ (later updated to ‘Valuing People Now’) outlines the government strategy for ensuring a person-centred approach for people with learning disabilities…

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Describe the person-centred review process

The person-centred review process usually comprises of the following steps: What people like/admire about the individual What is important to them now and in the future What support they require What is working and not working for the individual, their family and others Questions to answer Action plan

Explain what a one-page profile is

As described earlier, a one-page profile is a brief introduction to a person, capturing key information on a single sheet of paper including appreciations about the individual, what is important to them and what support they require. They often also have a photograph of the individual. An example template has been provided below:

Define person-centred thinking, person-centred planning and person-centred reviews

Person-centred thinking is a set of values, skills and tools used to personalise the health and social care services that an individual receives and aid person-centred planning. Person-centred planning is a set of approaches designed to help an individual plan their life and the support they receive. Person-centred reviews are regular (usually annual but can…

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