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2.1b Choose one key piece of legislation or driver that’s relevant to your organisation and do a brief overview that could be shared with others in your organisation to enhance their learning.


Name of legislationMental Capacity Act 2005   
Summary of key areasCapacity should be assumed until proven otherwise.

An individual cannot be said to lack capacity until all reasonable steps to support them to make a decision have been tried.

Making unwise decisions does not mean lack of capacity.

Decisions made on behalf of an individual must be done in their best interests.

Before a decision is made about an individual, the situation must be reviewed to check that the results cannot be achieved in a less restrictive way.

Relevance to your organisation/settingSome clients may lack capacity to make decisions in certain areas.  
What it means for your team/organisationRead Care Plans!

Assume clients have the capacity to make a decision unless it is documented that they cannot.

Actions needed to be taken by members of your team/organisationIf in doubt about a client’s capacity to makes a decision, this should be raised with senior staff or management.

Staff should support clients to make informed decisions where they have been deemed to have capacity.    

Who else might need to know about this legislation – people who access care and support/carers?Clients

Client’s family and friends

Other professionals     

Who else does the legislation apply to?Everybody    

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