Category: 304: Principles for implementing duty of care (SHC 34)

Explain where a social care worker can find advice, support and information relating to conflicts and dilemmas in adult social care.

Social care workers can find advice, support and information about conflicts and dilemmas from several sources. Speaking to the individual themselves when they are in a calm state is perhaps one of the best ways of finding out ways to resolve or come to a compromise about any conflicts or dilemmas that affect their support.…

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Choose one of the situations and describe how best to manage the risks involved, explaining the reasons why this would be best practice.

In the example above, where an individual is refusing to take their medication, it would be best practice to try to encourage the individual to take it because this would be in their best interests. Everyone is different and by knowing the individual or referring to their care plan and risk assessments, we can establish…

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Describe two situations which demonstrate a conflict or dilemma between exercising a duty of care and the rights of an individual.

Within my line of work, there are many times that there are conflicts or dilemmas between exercising my duty of care and the rights of an individual. A typical example may be when an obese client wants to eat junk food or takeaways every day despite it being detrimental to their health. My duty of…

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