Category: 202: Introduction to personal development in health, social care or children’s and young people’s settings (SHC 22)

Silhouettes of many individuals with speech bubbles above their heads representing the giving of feedback

Show How Feedback From Others Has Developed Own Knowledge, Skills and Understanding

Much can be learned from getting feedback on your practice from others. This includes feedback from clients, colleagues, managers and other professionals. Asking for feedback from others is something is often avoided in workplace environments, but it shouldn’t as it can be invaluable. If I were doing something incorrectly, I would want this to be…

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Four care workers around a table participating in a learning activity

Show How a Learning Activity Has Improved Knowledge, Skills and Understanding

It is important for a health and social care worker to proactively and continuously learn and develop and one of the ways that knowledge, skills and understanding can be improved is by partaking in learning activities. Learning Activities Learning activities cover a broad range of actions including: Formal training, either in-house with your organisation or…

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Silhouette of a man reflecting on activities

Explain Why Reflecting on Work Activities is an Important Way to Develop Knowledge, Skills and Practice

Reflective practice or self-reflection is an important skill for any health and social care worker to have. In fact, …reflective capacity is regarded by many as an essential characteristic for professional competence. Mann, K., Gordon, J. & MacLeod, A. Adv in Health Sci Educ (2009) 14: 595. It involves looking back on something that…

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Identify Sources of Support for Planning and Reviewing Your Development.

Support for planning and reviewing your development can be obtained from many sources. Asking for feedback from colleagues, clients, client’s families and other professionals can help identify areas of development to consider. Quarterly supervisions and annual appraisals can also be used and mutually agreeable targets between yourself and your manager can be set. Quarterly observations…

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